MiNT Instantkon RF70 Needs to Happen

As you may have seen, the MiNT  Instantkon RF70 leaked out to the film community and started a buzz. Why? Because it's the first fully manual, large format instant camera. It's not quite a 4x5 but the format measures to, approximately, 4x3" (108x86mm), larger than your 120 format frame. Gary Ho, MiNT Founder, states, "I … Continue reading MiNT Instantkon RF70 Needs to Happen

Episode 17 – CineStill Film Interview

The Brothers Wright, the creators of CineStill Film, join us to talk about some film geekery, the history of the company, their company going into 120 from their successful Indiegogo campaign. They also give us some hints on the future of CineStill products. Lastly, we announce the winner of the CineStill 800T five roll give away!