Episode 11: Wet Plate Collodion with Kate Lamb

Episode 11: Wet Plate Collodion with Kate Lamb

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Steven and Bill travel to Kate Lamb’s new studio in Atlanta to talk about her wet plate collodion process.


Show Notes:

Bill took Steven’s recommendation and shot some Kodak Portra 800.

Steven makes announcements for a print swap meet up for Atlanta film photographers. The meet up details are in the Atlanta Film Photographers Facebook group.

Reflex SLR Camera Kickstarter

First manual single lens reflex camera to be made in 25 years. You can get on at $460.

  • Interchangeable lens mount – M42, Nikon F, Canon FD, Olympus OM, and Pentax PK
  • Stretch Goal with hopes to include Rokkor MD (Minolta/Sony E Mount)
  • Daylight interchangeable film backs – Less wasted film, switch between rolls
  • Camera will be open source for hardware/software modding
  • Silberra is one of the primary partners of this camera

Polaroid Originals CEO, Oskar Smolokowski, issues official statement on pack film

Press Release

“Bringing back integral film from the dead was a task that took 9 years and more investment and effort than we could have ever imagined when we started the Impossible Project in 2008. When we started our work on integral film, we had full access to the original Polaroid machines which we still use to this day. To tackle pack film, we’d be starting from scratch, investing in the design and invention of new machines and processes in a project that would take years to complete, requiring huge investments and resources we just don’t have.”


Rezivot Instant Film Processor: Instax with your Film Camera

Instax back that uses the Polaroid pack film backs mounts and connects to the this device. Allows you to use Instax Wide or Instax Square.

Compatible with:

  • Hasselblad 500
  • Mamiya 645
  • RB67
  • Polaroid 600se
  • Traditional 4×5 view cameras


Ektachrome Update on Kodakery

The Kodakery interviews Diane Carroll-Yacoby (Product Manager), Fred Kanoff (Ektachrome Project Manager), Matt Stoffel (Web Developer and Ektachrome Superfan) and give an update on the status of Ektachrome.

  • The history of Ektachrome, how it is made, and the difficulties they went through to recreate it.
  • The film is on a 6,000 ft x a few feet wide roll of Plastic base called cellulose triacetate
  • The term “ekta” uses the EK from Eastman Kodak


Kate Lamb’s Recommended Links:

Penumbra Foundation

LundPhotographics – Wet Plate Collodion Supplies

Bostick Sullivan – Alternative Process Supplies
Lighting: Speedtrons

Camera: Calumet 4×5


Music Credit: Johan Lilja – The Improv http://bit.ly/2ueQlK1


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