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Christopher Nolan to Inaugurate Kodak Facility Grand Opening in Mumbai

Credit: charlieanders2 – Flickr

In a blog post by Bollywood Actor Amitabh Bachchan, he mentions that Christopher Nolan will be inaugurating the grand opening of Kodak’s motion picture development facility, located in Mumbai, in March 2018.

It is all about to change yet again… KODAK, that largest name for film, is coming back… many in the world of direction and production are finding values in the product done on film to be the more liked subject…

… and in a month or so the man himself Mr. Nolan is coming to India to inaugurate or at least lend support to a few matters …

Despite rocky 2017 3rd quarter earnings, the Kodak infrastructure is growing with strategic placement of motion picture facilities in various locations around the world.  Kodak has its sights set on Atlanta, Georgia for expansion to include a motion picture development lab with additional plans to build a Photographic Arts Center that would offer film processing and photography equipment to amateur and professional filmmakers.

It’s no secret that Hollywood has made it an effort to preserve cellulose based motion picture for archival purposes. In addition from Bachchan’s post, he states:

I believe that Los Angeles, Hollywood is already all back to film again … they say the quality and feel and colour of film is unmatched … so what happens to digital … it shall exist, it shall coexist, and film shot on celluloid shall be sent to the Lab for its development, but all post production work shall be digital .

With CES fast approaching, filmmakers and photographers are eagerly anticipating new updates from Eastman Kodak based on the previously announced Super 8 camera and the revival of Ektachrome in 2017.

2018 is just the beginning of a new frontier for Kodak.


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