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The Box is Back: The Modern Box Camera

In 1888, Kodak introduced a product to the public that changed the face of photography forever: the box camera. It quickly gained popularity with its simplistic, lightweight design and ease of use making the camera, a once heavy niche device, commonplace in the household.

The box camera evolved several times through the years into what many know as the Kodak Brownie. As cameras became more compact, eventually paving the way for the 35mm, box cameras were rendered obsolete technology and quickly forgotten.

Brownie 2 – Wikipedia

As time passed, technology advanced even further leaving the box camera a novelty item to be left on the shelves as a decorative keepsake for many photographers.

On January 15, 2018, Hamm Camera Company reintroduced a box camera that has peaked the interest of all photographers, the ‘NuBox 1’. Launched on Kickstarter, the NuBox 1 is a newly designed box camera that allows interchangeable lenses, variable aperture, and a constant 1/200 Sec. shutter speed.


Using the “Sunny 16 Rule,” the box camera can be used to easily shoot a properly exposed image without the use of a camera meter. Shipped with two aperture sticks, the NuBox 1 can change apertures as wide as f/16 to the smallest aperture, f/32, for exposing bright scenes. Additional sticks with wider apertures of f/5.6 to f/11 will provide the photographer the creative freedom to take advantage of the shallow depth of field in a 6×9 negative.

The snappy, 1/200 sec. shutter speed, is enough to stop motion while maintaining a properly exposed image.

With the combination of the ergonomics, small aperture, fast shutter speed, and rolled with medium speed roll of film, the NuBox 1 is primed for street photography.

Starting at $79 for a base kit, the budding film photographer can get into a medium format camera and take high resolutions images while maintaining exceptional sharpness. For a slight additional cost, color options are available providing a sleek weathered look to the camera.


With the film resurgence at full steam, backers quickly funded this project due to a very organized campaign. Within 24 hours of its launch on Kickstarter, it was fully funded, and with 22 days left, it has been funded nearly 230% of it original goal of $8,000.

On a recent FAQ broadcast to backers, owner Rob Hamm explained the NuBox 1 has been in the design phase for nearly a year going through various revisions. A proof of concept was manufactured and the funding from the project will go immediately to fulfilling orders to its backers with a realistic delivery of July 2018.

To purchase, get details, and read the latest updates on the NuBox 1 and Hamm Camera Company, visit their Kickstarter page and their website.


Images courtesy of Hamm Camera Company.


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