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Episode 18 – We Get a Little Salty

(91 mins, 88MB)
Episode 18 - Banner-v2

This is our first regular episode of the year!

It’s official! John Schafer joins the Studio C-41 team!

Photo News:

Bill gets super salty about a recent video posted by Fstoppers discussing Peter Lik’s “Moonlight Dreams.” As a result of this occurrence, we talk about when we think photo manipulation is acceptable, especially in the film world. The Pyramids of Giza article referenced is located here.

As previously mentioned on our article, we talk about MiNT creating the first ever fully manual Instax Wide rangefinder camera, the Instantkon RF70. We’re really excited to see this new camera come out to the market!

Kodak has announced they’re bringing a film back from the dead! At the time of the recording we guessed it was TMAX P3200. Looks like we were right! To get the latest details on this emulsion, check out our article.


We interview our latest member to the team, John Schafer. Despite being a ‘seasoned’ photographer. He is making his return to film after many years of not shooting it. We hope this interview encourages the older generation to make the return to film!

We announce our own film giveaway! Listen to the show and get the details on our giveaway!


Music Credit: Johan Lilja – The Improv


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