The REAL Reason Adorama Angered Film Photographers

The REAL Reason Adorama Angered Film Photographers

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Steven, John, and Bill get together for a photo news packed episode! There’s a lot of photo news, so buckle your seatbelts, especially if you’re driving in the car!

Show Notes

Kodachrome Movie Trailer

Starring:  Ed Harris, Jason Seidukis, Elizabeth Olsen

Another great podcast called, “First Person Shooter,” by Wes Bowker talks about the big takeaway from the movie. Don’t neglect the people around you with your photography; find that balance between family and photography.

Fujifilm Officially Kills Neopan Acros 100 

It’s official. Fujifilm has announced the discontinuation of Acros 100. Written on a previous post, we believe that Fujifilm got out of the film game before the resurgence. Because of the article and connections to Fujifilm  in addition to Doc Kaps meeting with Fujifilm execs to save FP-100C, we believe this to be enough evidence to think the machinery is long gone.


Street Candy Film 

We recap Bill’s ‘One-on-One’ interview with Vincent Moschetti. You can listen to the podcast episode here.


Kodak T-MAX P3200: My First Roll

Steven’s report on shooting P3200. He shares his experience shooting the film and shows us pretty pictures!

© Steven Wallace, 2018

Kodak Announces Ektachrome E100 in 16mm

Let’s get it out of the way. There’s another pushback on the timeline. It is now slated for late summer/early fall 2018. It’s okay though. The gap is getting smaller and smaller it’s important that Kodak has a successful launch for Ektachrome. When the article was posted, 35mm was not mentioned and people started to get concerned. We tweeted Matt Stoffel at Kodak and has confirmed that 35mm is on the same timelines as Super 8 and 16mm.

We believe the announcement of 16mm format is the result of a survey Kodak put out about the super 8 camera in early February.

Tim Gander

After the podcast episode, Tim Gander submitted an article sharing his experience switching to a digital camera and beating his competition to print who were still shooting on film. Read up on the article here and listen to his ‘One-on-One’ interview with Bill here.

Saxon vale site, expired film project. © Tim Gander 2017. All rights reserved.


On April 4, 2018, Adorama Learning Center writer, Mason Resnick, posted an article called, “5 Reasons why I am Never Going Back to Film Photography.” We posted a Google cache link since all articles by Mr. Resnick have been taken down. The REAL reason why photographers got angry is because it’s another “Film vs. Digital” article. We get it, every point Resnick writes is accurate. But everybody has their own reason for shooting film. We just don’t want to read “Film vs. Digital” articles any more. The horse is dead. Stop beating it.

Things went from bad to worse really quick when photographer, Mike Fraser, discovered the image of a Leica M3 is identical to the image of a Leica M3 on Ken Rockwell’s website. Fraser questioned Resnick of the similarities. Resnicks response, “We must have identical Leicas.” When that comment did not pass muster, the comment was deleted and ultimately sent the article into viral mode among the photography community. The watermark is in a very difficult spot to crop out. Ken places it where you really have to intentionally remove it. Adorama claims the image was used as a placeholder and was never intended for publication.

On 4/6 Adorama issues an article titled We Are Sorry in response to the fallout. The article acknowledges the improper use of Ken Rockwell’s image and offered compensation. According to PetaPixel the amount is $1,000.

Now that Adorama is on the radar, people began to audit Resnick’s previous writings and discovered an article posted prior to the Ken Rockwell incident. Bellamy Hunt’s article, ‘Camera Historica: The Sean Flynn Leica M2‘ details the story war photojournalist and his Leica M2. The same images in Bellamy’s article were used without his approval on Adorama’s blog (Google cached link).


As a result, all articles written by Resnick have been taken down.


MiNT gives an update on the RF-70. Bring up price and new features – Internal Flash and External flash port – Excited because this really takes instant film to a new level in analog photography. Price – Slightly more expensive than SLR670-S which comes in at $729.

Screen capture from STORYHIVE – ‘The Analogue Photography Series: Film is Alive’

Photowalk Website

Photographer, Martin Smith, has built a website tailored for photowalks and photo meetups. There are disadvantages to big sites like and Eventbrite that don’t always fit the needs of a photowalk. It is quite popular in Europe and we want to help him make this a popular tool for the photo community around the world.


Interview with Emulsive coming up on one-on-one interview episode

Next Photo Challenge – Leading Lines The winner gets a propack of film!

  • Use #shootsomefilmdangit


Music Credit: Johan Lilja – The Improv

Bill Manning

Host and Executive Producer for Studio C-41

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