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Instagram Takeover with Jordana Dale

Jordana - Episode 10

The Studio C-41 team is prepping for a big interview and it does require some traveling! While we’re away from the internets, we’ve invited a previous guest to take over our Instagram account: Jordana Dale. She’ll be posting some of her latest works shot of film!

Jordana Dale
Image Credit: Noi Tran

As you may recall, Jordana joined us on ‘Episode X’ and shared some of her works with us. You can see her most recent works on her Instagram.

Steven and Bill interview fashion inspired and film portraiture photographer, Jordana Dale. We talk about her background in fine arts and why she shoots film. We select three images from her portfolio and break down the core components of her shots. This podcast episode does have visual components.

Show notes on the episode can be found on the original post!

Music Credit: Johan Lilja – The Improv


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