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Interview: MiNT Camera – Instantkon RF70 & Rollei Kickstarter

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We sit down for a one-on-one interview with Gary Ho, co-founder of MiNT Camera, to give us the latest details on the highly anticipated fully-manual instant wide camera: The RF70. We also talk about MiNT’s newest collaboration in assisting Rollei’s return to the camera market.

Visiting Vancouver, Gary Ho jumped into a video for bigheadtaco and never thought that his prototype instant wide camera would gain much attention. Well, it did. Now, it is one of the most highly anticipated instant wide cameras to be made. Why? Simply put, it is a camera that instant camera manufacturers, oddly, have refused to create. A fully-manual instant wide camera with glass optics.


Photographers that never took instant film as a serious medium are now rethinking their opinions and are extremely excited for this camera to come to market. We’ve seen on The Phoblographer’s and Matt Day’s instagram posts with the prototype now in the US. We don’t have any hard reviews on this camera, yet, but we expect them come out soon! Matt Day has posted his review video of the Instantkon RF70.

The Mijonju Show has a prototype and has shared his results on his own YouTube Channel.

Courtesy: Gary Ho, MiNT
Source: Rolleiflex Kickstarter Page

Rollei has announced they’re coming back into the photography market, but not in the way you expect it. Rollei has partnered with MiNT camera to manufacture the Rollei Instant Kamera. With only a couple days left, this camera has been fully funded. There has been some confusion about the specifics of this camera and MiNT’s. There is more in this camera than the Rollei nameplate badge.  Rollei assisted MiNT camera by improving the manufacturing process and small upgrades, like a brighter viewfinder. While these upgrades may seem small, this is only the beginning. Since this launch has proven to be quite successful, Gary states in his interview that this is only the beginning for Rollei and instant cameras.

Check out Gary’s Instagram and MiNT’s website.

*I want to leave a very big thank you to bigheadtaco for allowing me to use the image of Gary from his video.

Music Credit: Johan Lilja – The Improv


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