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Looking back on Kodak

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John, Steven, and Bill are back at Dunwoody Photo to discuss their recent trip to Rochester. They talk about their biggest takeaways from their interview with Kodak. They also follow up on new updates from the one-on-one interviews Bill had.

The old Kodak guard dogs finally got us and we’ve been escorted out the building. All kidding aside, this visit has been incredibly memorable. Matt and Josh have been incredibly accommodating  to our visit. There is one thing we can agree with and was the most eye opening: the factory workers. The workers are working extremely hard to make EKTACHROME perfect. Seeing how hard they work we’ve realized how much we take this return for granted.

We recount our visit to the George Eastman museum. If you’re ever in the Rochester area, check them out! Some of our favorite spots were the camera room, the wall of dyes, and the camera obscura room. In the podcast episode we geek out about the line of Leica cameras, the lunar orbiter camera, and Kodak’s first professional digital camera with integrated storage.

May was a busy month for us. We’ve been on vacation traveling. We finally get a chance to sit down together and discuss our recent trips and the interviews we recorded through that month. Steven shot an ungodly amount of film through his visit through 5 national parks in the west. 63 rolls of film and 5 packs of Instant film.

Before I ventured into Rochester, my wife and I travelled into Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake. An interesting story came up involving a Victorian styled home that may be haunted. It’s a fun story, listen in the podcast for the full story!


John took a trip to Chattanooga and checked out many iconic guitars, even a guitar made specifically for Jimi Hendrix. During his visit at Songbirds, an employee noticed he was shooting film and talked about how film isn’t scary to shoot at all!

Throughout the month of May, we interviewed influencers within the photographic community and we talk about some of their recent updates since the podcast interviews.

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EM is hard at work with his website. He wants to be the largest collective database of film emulsions available on the market and building a film photographers community. However, this all costs money. He needs help maintaining the site and expanding it into other mediums. He needs your help! Starting at $2.00 a month on Patreon, you can help EM continue with reviewing film, camera gear, and possibly start a podcast!  You can listen to our interview with EM here.

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We learn about Lomography’s history on our previous episode. Since the interview, they’ve made quite a few releases, the Instant Square camera and their aged 400 speed color negative, Lomography Color Negative F²/400 film.

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We submitted our interview with National Parks Service Photographer, Jarob Ortiz, to PetaPixel! Bill gets on a rant when commenters start bashing on the article 20 minutes into the publication when the interview is just over an hour long.

We’re restarting the monthly propack film giveaway! We’re sorry so much time lapsed. The #shootsomefilmdangit hashtag has blown up! We’re not complaining! However, when submitting for the giveaway, please use the hashtag #studioc41challenge.

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