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Walking in an Analogue Wonderland

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Bill Manning sits down with owner of Analogue Wonderland, Paul McKay, to discuss some really exciting film photography news for North America film shooters!

You may have already heard Analogue Wonderland’s introduction on Episode 101 of the Sunny 16 Podcast. The Sun Beams did an excellent job interviewing Paul’s grand opening. However, us Americans were left a little upset to find out that shipping was only available in the United Kingdom. Analogue Wonderland always wanted to ship to the US since their grand opening down the line. Well, that timetable moved quickly the priority list.

In the interview, Paul describes creativity is sweeping through Europe with small companies opening up experimental films. Using films like Kodak’s ‘Color 200’ emulsion and pre-exposing with colors and patterns, photographers can get extra creative on their shoots. You can check out some of the popular brands like Dubble Film, Kono, Revolog, Washi, and the newly announced Yodica.

yodica films 01

These creative films are not the only ones that Analogue Wonderland stocks. They even stock expired APS film! So film shooters with old functional APS cameras, dust them off and head over to the site and pick some up! In addition to APS, you can also find the big-name brands like Fujifilm, Ilford, and Kodak. Heck, Analogue Wonderland stocks Lomography 16mm motion picture film!


I’m sure you have a few questions about shipping. I tried to come up with all the questions possible in the interview and I’ll list them out here.

  • Shipping starts at 10 GBP. Which translates to roughly $13.25 USD. (Order more and the you can get more savings)
  • Shipping can take up to 7-10 working days to deliver.
  • There is no control over duties and local import taxes.

I will be honest, I think the pricing for shipping is really good. Consider this: these custom films are usually sold directly through the manufactures. If you want to get your hands on more than one, you’ll have to pay for shipping across different storefronts. That adds up quickly. With Analogue Wonderland, you can purchase and try out multiple brands in a single order.

Paul tells us about some of the shipping difficulties and understand there is a bit of a time gap. However, they will consider a North America distribution center in the foreseeable future to help bring the cost of shipping down.

Analogue Wonderland may be a niche company, however these films would be even more difficult to source here in the US. So, to have this as an option, we’re really excited to see these films now have a pipeline to the US.

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Music Credit: Johan Lilja – The Improv


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