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Pack Film is on Life Support

(68min, 65MB)

Steven and Bill catch up and talk about the latest in the film photo news. We discuss Doc Kaps’ efforts in saving pack film one last time. Bill is a bit annoyed with Silberra Film’s lack of communication on their Indie Go Go. Lastly, Bill gives an update on developing 4×5 black and white film with CineStill Film’s monobath developer, the Df96.

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The Doc is in! On July 11, 2018, Florian ‘Doc’ Kaps announced he is putting a superhero team together to bring back pack film. You can watch his interview with YouTube channel ‘Analog Things’ to get the full details. On September 20, 2018, 8PM Vienna time, he will launch a Kickstarter where he plans to have a demonstrable product to the world. Notating a correction mentioned in the show: Bill says a working product by September 20th. This is incorrect. “Demonstrable” means it is a logically proven. You can sign up for all of the updates by visiting the ‘Save Pack Film‘ section on Super Sense.

Fujifilm FP-1
Image by Tom Hart, Fujifilm FP-1, Creative Common usage License.

Currently, you can purchase the best preserves of FP-100C from Super Sense and $10 of each pack sold will go to fund this endeavor. To ensure the success of pack film he assures that all agreements from suppliers are completed before the big launch.

Nine months ago, Silberra film launched an Indie Go Go with a wide range of film. However, Silberra has faced an uphill battle with delivery. With only partial funding and Foma cancelling their agreement, their time lines have drastically been missed. After a partial delivery, Silberra went months without communicating with their backers until May and June promising better communication by Mid-July and production starting on 120. As July comes to a close, no new announcements have come out from the company with their status of releasing their film.

If Silberra reads this, we appreciate what your doing. However, let the backers know whats going on. If you have to adjust the time lines, give it to us in bullet form for each item. If you need 3 months, 6 months, or a year, tell us. Your brand depends on your customers believing you can deliver on a product.

Bill developed several sheets of 4×5 Film on CineStill Film’s Df96 monobath solution. Long story short, he really likes it. Check out all of the pretty pictures from his latest review.



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