Film for a Year Makes you a Better Photographer?

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Steven and Bill meet up to catch up on photo news, recap the recent one-on-one interviews. Steven takes a long walk along the beach with his camera and shoots a 20 minute exposure with Ektar 100. Emulsive has announced their Secret Santa. 2017 had just under 800 players around the world. This year he wants to have over 1,000 players!  Lastly, we discuss a recent article on The Phoblographer titled “Opinion: Every Photographer Should Spend a Year Shooting Film and Not Editing Their Photos.”


We get together to catch up on the recent news and there’s been quite a bit! Steven travelled to Florida and shot a 20 minute exposure with Ektar. We dig into talking about an app we really like. That is called Reciprocity Timer. This app is incredibly helpful and sits right next to the Pocket Light Meter App, as well. We haven’t played around with this app, however we’ve heard about a great app and light meter called Lumu.

Image Credit: Steven Wallace, Kodak Ektar 100 – 20 Minute Exposure

On the topic of Reciprocity times. Fujifilm Neopan Acros 100 has legendary reciprocity times. As soon as we finished our previous episode Fujifilm Japan announces they’re considering in bringing back black and white film. We’re a bit skeptical however we welcome any return of film! However, we’re really confused with Fujifilm introducing the Quicksnap Premium Kit – a disposable camera designed to look like a Fujifilm X camera.

No major updates from from Doc Kaps, but we’re waiting on the Kickstarter. The video Steven mentions on Polaroid’s closure is called Time Zero found on Netflix.

We’re getting into doing reviews and recently we’ve done two: UltraMax 400: Underestimated and a shootout with Steven Wallace between Kodak P3200 TMAX and Delta 3200.

Tis’ the season! Registration for the Emulsive Secret Santa is open! All of the details on the Secret Santa can be found on his website. Registration is open now until November 4th. Match ups will take place a couple days followed by shipping gifts out by December 3rd, 2018.  We’ve participated last year and it was so much fun sending gifts around the world. We’ll be participating again this year.


We close out on a final article written at The Phoblographer titled, Opinion: Every Photographer Should Spend a Year Shooting Film and Not Editing Their Photos. We have mixed feeling about this article.

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