His Grand Return

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Episode 16 - Banner-v2

Kevin Terrell is on a small break between major projects like Netflix’s “Ozark” and has returned to share his experience being on set. We catch up on photo news, discuss a recent article on The Phoblographer about bringing back the Contax T2. We also discuss a zine one of our listeners sent to us and we’re blown away by the quality of the print.


We’re back from the Labor Day weekend with a new episode and we have an awesome guest!

Remember this guy? Kodak does!

Kevin Terrell is on a small break between production and is back to share his experience being on major projects like Netflix’s ‘Ozark’.


Since it’s kind of a big deal, Nikon and Canon have released their first serious take at producing a mirrorless camera. The Nikon Z6 & Z7 and the Canon EOS R. The only reason we felt we needed to bring this up is because mirrorless cameras are changing photography. We are now seeing these cameras upping the game by with features like focus peaking, face-detect, Eye-AF, and many more features. We take a look at comparing the first introductions of the first major DSLRs and how it changed photography.


We discuss our recent interview with Sandra Coan and now that we are seeing high resolution images of EKTACHROME E100, we are even more excited! Check out our article and see the 100% crops of 6 megapixel images she has shared with us.


Polaroid Originals has announced the Polaroid OneStep+. We’re really excited to see this camera come out! They have fixed issues with the OneStep 2 like the Parallax Correction. More excitingly, they are introducing new tech features in old mediums. With Bluetooth connectivity you can now connect your phone to have manual controls of the camera.


A recent article at The Phoblographer titled, “Dear Zeiss: Please Bring Back the Contax T2 Film Point and Shoot Camera” is a photographer’s plea to bring back an iconic camera. The current perception is that Zeiss has gone stagnant in innovation and suggesting bringing back the Contax T2. There a few problems with this. According to Mr. Know-it-all, Steven Wallace, the Contax brand is owned by Kyocera which its focus is not in photography anymore. Additionally, the amount resources in investing in a film camera that represents an incredibly small market and would never make sense for them to go back to manufacturing film cameras. While this seems like all doom and gloom, we believe this paves the way for cottage industry manufactures like the Japan Camera Hunter point and shoot that is currently in production.

Kevin shares a few images from a Rodeo shot in 2016. He once hated them. He shared them recently and the response is not what he expected. Others, including Steven and me, love the images and we are recommending he consider creating a zine for it.

Lastly, Photographer Edward Conde sent us a Zine called “Layover“. Edward makes great use of time by capturing the loneliness of a flight layover. His stunning images are captured with the Lomography LC-A 120 and a collection of black and white films – Lomography Lady Grey 400, HP5+, and Delta 3200. We are stunned by the quality of the book and the prints he gave us. Thank you Edward! We love your work! Check out his publication hosted on MagCloud.




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