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Bill has a one-on-one interview with LA based photographer, Edward Conde, to discuss the story behind his zine, ‘Layover’.


Steven and Bill were completely blown away a zine Edward Conde sent in. They were intrigued by the story and the quality of this zine. Bill invited Edward for a one-on-one interview to learn more about Edward and his inspiration behind ‘Layover’.

We start off learning about Edward’s background. He’s based out of Los Angeles where he photographs quite a bit of street photography. He’ll get started by listening to west coast classics like Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. However, there are some locations that he chooses not to photograph.

Edward Conde

We dive into discussing some of the fears of  photographing people in street photography. A video Bill references as inspiration for his street portraiture: DigitalRev’s Cheap Camera Challenge with Zack Arias.

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It all started with being selected in Lomography’s TEN and ONE Residency Week in Vienna, Austria.  This event collect photographers from around the world to photograph in Vienna and share their work in a gallery at the end fo the week. Once the trip ended, Edward was in between flights for his return trip. During his two layovers, he decided to capture the loneliness of a layover with a LC-A 120 and a handful of black and white film.

Many people downplay the Lomography LC-A camera. However, we’ve said it on the show a million times, it’s a tool. Edward is proof of this, maximized the ability of this camera and produced amazing images. You forget what camera this was shot on and you get sucked into the images.

We learn about his scan process, where he does all of his editing at scan and rarely makes any changes to the images afterwards.

As a result of all of these images, Edward used a company called MagCloud to produce his zine.  We learn about his process in publishing this zine and his choices to tell the story of his layover. You can purchase a copy of his zine here.

Follow Edward on Instagram and see his recent project capturing panoramic images around downtown LA. You can and visit his website and LomoHome page.

*All images used with permission and all copyrights belong to Edward Conde.


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