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Emulsive-Secret Santa

EM joins us for a one-on-one interview to share his results shooting EKTACHROME. His latest articles share his experience pushing Kodak’s revival E-6 film to EI (Exposure Index) 200, 400, 800. We discuss another article published on Emulsive giving a brief history of EKTACHROME. Secret Santa 2018 registration is closed! Are you one of the outstanding 1,200 world-wide players? Well, EM gives us the full break down of what we should do next.

Now that EKTACHROME is made its way into thousands of photographers’ cameras, we are seeing some amazing work done. However, so many questions still loom. What is the pushability of this film? What does it look like cross-processed? Well, EM has taken the liberty to share his results. He pushes the film from a range of 1-3 stops and shares his results. He said he’s very happy with the results and will most likely shoot this film at a 1-stop push on a regular basis.

EKTACHROME pushed EI 400 and 800 (respectively). Image courtesy, Emulsive.

Secret Santa registration is closed! So what happens next?  Pairing up is the next step. You will get a notification that you’ve been paired up. You’ll want to look at your secret Santa and get an idea of what they want from their wishlists. Remember, be thoughtful in your gifts! Don’t amazon gift wrap! Gift wrap and write a nice card to include with the gift.


Don’t be a Grinch and send broken cameras. That’s very naughty!

For international shipping, get your gifts out as quickly as possible. The post states 10 days for delivery; however, with the season kicking into full swing, expect these dates to increase drastically! Expect roughly a month in transit time and be sure to add tracking to the gifts!

Check out the full set of rules on Emulsive.

Lastly, EM needs your help! The community consists of dedicated photographers sharing their love of film. Many big-name sponsors want to help those sharing that give back to the community. If you know somebody that has been giving to the film community in a big way, you can nominate them! Nominations close December 31, 2018! The rules and form for the nomination can be found on the Emulsive website.


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