We Pranked Fujifilm

We Pranked Fujifilm

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Kodak Professional came to Atlanta for Imaging USA. Studio C-41 hosted two successful photo walks and we look back on the evil shenanigans we were up to! We discuss some photo news and give clarity on Alaris looking to sell its assets.

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Jordana joins us to discuss her experience doing the Instagram take over for Kodak Professional! We also share our experience hosting two very successful photo walks for the first two days at Imaging USA. Bill has a little fun pranking Fujifilm on the expo floor.

Show Notes

Imaging USA is one of the longest running photo conventions in the USA, dating as far back as 1880! We’ve seen film photography transition out and the convention is primarily digital now. However was are seeing a returning prescence of analog photography with companies like Film Toaster, KEH Camera, Indie Film Lab, and Kodak Alaris. We had the opportunity to interview them!

Imaging USA: Day 1

Imaging USA: Day 2

Photo News

Kodak Alaris is Selling Assets

The film community went into a panic when an article by Inside Imaging was picked up by several photo news media outlets and over-sensationalized a finding in a report that Kodak Alaris is selling portions of its business; specifically the FPP (film, paper, photochemical) division. After reaching out to our resources at Kodak Alaris, we found out the FPP division has been seeing double digit percentage growth and has a profitable line of business and they’re interested in selling it. As a result of this year old announcement, they have a serious buyer in mind.

35mm aluminum canisters in flat sheets. Copyright Steven Wallace

They reaffirmed they are full-steam-ahead with the production of their films especially after announcing they are working on EKTACHROME and TMAX P3200 in 120 formats. Because of the complex segmentation in the manufacturing process between Eastman Kodak and Kodak Alaris, film will continue to be produced.

Reflex is Building a Shutter

Successful Kickstarter, Reflex, has been working on building the first manual camera to be manufacturing in 25 years. However, they’ve hit a recent road bump when they are unable to secure a company to manufacture a camera shutter. However, this will not stop them. They announced they will be building their own camera shutter, in-house.

Lomography Potsdam 100

Lomography announced a new film from their Kino line up. The Potsdam 100. Similar to the Berlin 400, Potsdam 100 is a German black and white Cinema film. Some believe this film is cut from the ORWO UN54 (ASA 100). Just recently, Potsdam 100 was just announced in 120 format.

Aerochrome in Digital?

Park in Atlanta shot on Aerochrome – Copyright: Bill Manning

Seeing a slide film is an experience every film shooter should experience. However, only the lucky few get to experience shooting Aerochrome on film. The film is expensive and it’s getting harder and harder to source it. However, one company has created a chrome IR filter that faithfully replicates the look of Aerochrome on modified full-spectrum cameras.

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Bill Manning

Host and Executive Producer for Studio C-41

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