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The Only Darkroom Timer You’ll Ever Need

Bill Manning has a one-on-one interview with Can Çevik, the creator of MAYA darkroom timer. Can shares his story how his a broken darkroom timer led to designing a new timer on his own. He then reaches out for feedback from darkroom photographers and has a new take on a device that has not been really seen worth changing.

I had the pleasure talking to Can and learning about how he created the MAYA Darkroom timer. It all started when he was gifted darkroom enlarger set. Eventually, the timer in his darkroom failed. Rather than going out to purchase another secondhand timer, Can decided to build his own timer.

Using his commercial design experience, he created a very sleek, Arduino coded timer that can be used in for tracking both print and film development.

One of MANY features of this timer includes up to 12 memory configurations which gives the user the ability to assist in dodging, burning, and flashing prints.

The MAYA Darkroom timer has reached its initial goal of $5,000 and has been funded over 300%. You can purchase different designs starting at $279. Some have argued, “Why buy a new timer for this amount of money and get a simple timer secondhand for much cheaper?” The answer is quite simple. This is a newly designed timer that is upgradable and offer features that can be used in many different steps in the film development process (Hint: look at the very bottom).

He plans to begin delivering these timers in July 2019. For more information can visit his IndieGoGo Campaign: The Only Darkroom Timer You’ll Ever Need: MAYA

Can also announced he is looking into a fully automatic film processor and an Enlarger controlled by the same MAYA timer. You can follow Can Çevik’s at his Instagram Account: @obican.


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