Film Photography Podcasters Merge

Film Photography Podcasters Merge

Dear listeners,

Film photography podcasts have exploded in number and we, the undisputed, established names in this niche have decided it is time to take action. The collective burden of generating fresh, creative content week-on-week in order to satiate the community lust for “all things analog” is not sustainable. We are putting our hands up to say yes, we have occasionally scraped the bottom of the barrel for content and should, no, must be better (getting EM and Hamish on should be red flags to you all by now).

In March 2019 we our leadership came together to debate how we could collaborate in the interests of our listenership and the wider film and analog photography community. After heated deliberation, we settled on a single and universally effective solution:

We should create a monopoly.

Starting April 2019, our individual podcasts will be merging into a single community mammoth: The Classic Film Negatives Sunny Lensless Studio Podcast (CFNSLSP). A single podcast with over a dozen hosts and a new episode nearly every single day of the week will be providing you with:

Camera reviews, classic lens reviews, industry insight, chatter, interviews and competitions …to name a few. Understanding that photography is not everything, we will also have special focus events covering adult beverages, classic timepieces and lifestyle tips.

No longer will you need to create playlists for your analogue photography podcast needs. A single voice will be able to provide you with all you need to, or in fact, should know. In the words of Russell Nash, “there can be only one”.

Further details to follow. In the interim, please remove yourself from this group and join the newly created “Classic Film Negatives Sunny Lensless Studio Podcast Facebook Group”: The first episode will be hosted by the kind folks over at CLP!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal listeners for their patronage and hope to see you join the CFNSLSP family.


The Studio C-41 Team


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