Fujifilm to Purchase Alaris PPF Division

Fujifilm to Purchase Alaris PPF Division

Early February 2019, it was discovered that Kodak Alaris plans to sell its
Paper, Photochemicals and Film (PPF) division and they had a buyer in mind. The Alaris PPF division, valued at $34 million, was expected to have a buyer announced some time in March 2019, however, Kodak Alaris has remained silent all through the month leaving film photographers speculating who the buyer may be.

Through an anonymous submission from a Fujifilm employee in Japan, an internal executive memo details an announcement that Fujifilm will be purchasing Kodak Alaris’ PPF division in response to the film resurgence. In a rough translation from Japanese, Fujifilm execs state,

“In a statistical anomaly unforeseen, film photography has shown a great promise in growth for the coming years. As the company prepares for the impeding collapse of digital cameras, resources will shift to analog photography by purchasing The Paper, Photochemicals, and Film division at Kodak Alaris. Fujifilm will become the sole distributor of Kodak film, world-wide. As a result over this purchase, the PPF division will be renamed to Kojifilm Professional.”

Some Fujifilm Executive

In a shocking move, Studio C-41 has reached out to Kodak Alaris contacts for comment. At this point in time, our Kodak Alaris contacts have not responded to our emails, text messages, and phone calls.

After speaking to an insider at Fujifilm North America, film division, they describe the mood as ‘exciting.’ Kodak Alaris has shown strong financials in its PPF division with double digit percentage growth and it only made sense to acquire it and maintain a strong monopoly in film photographic community. The product line ‘Kojifilm’ is a perfect marriage between the two brands, stating, “Fujifilm decided to take the ‘FU’ out of Fujifilm and maintain the integrity of an iconic film’s heritage.”

Kojifilm branded films will maintain Kodak Professionals current line ups of the Potra films however, there is no word on the status on the new EKTACHROME E100. Additionally, the 30% price increases on existing Fujifilm Pro films (starting today) will include 30% markups on all Kojifilm films. A leaked image was included from the anonymous tipster of the retail product image.

Happy April Fools!

Bill Manning

Host and Executive Producer for Studio C-41

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