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FILM Ferrania Releases Q&A Video Series on Kickstarter Campaign

FILM Ferrania releases Q&A Video series on it’s latest Kickstarter Updates

After five grueling years and 50 updates to Kickstarter Backers, FILM Ferrania releases the first video of a series updating backers on its progress in restoring an Iconic Italian film factory and resurrecting a color reversal film for the film community.

In the video, FILM Ferrania CEO, Nicola Baldini, opens the video explaining a series of new videos where he will take on backers questions in regards to FILM Ferrania’s progress over the last five years.

Update 12/22: Exclusive Studio C-41 Interview with FILM Ferrania

In October 2014, FILM Ferrania launched a kickstarter campaign to re-engineer ScotchChrome, a 100 speed daylight color reversal film. During this campaign, FILM Ferrania raised over $320,000 with the help of over 5,200 backers. Originally, FILM Ferrania intended to have this film delivered to backers by April 2015. However, due to many significant challenges in restoring an old film manufacturing factory and setbacks beyond their control, the 6-month goal has become a labor of love for more than five years.

In this video, Baldini breaks down the reasons for the delays into two major unexpected changes:

1.) Raw Materials: Color reversal chemicals from ‘old’ Ferrania were acquired and that its business unit would produce the manufactured chemicals. However, this agreement fell through and ‘new’ Ferrania had to build a completely new research facility to create the raw materials.

2.) Converting: During the kickstarter campaign FILM Ferrania acquired the machinery to convert the master rolls into the formats they advertised (35mm, 120, 16mm, and Super 8). However, a third-party that would produce these formats had an agreement with FILM Ferrania. That agreement fell through forcing them to convert the formats all in-house.

As a result of these unexpected changes, Baldini explains their reasoning for shifting the focus from ScotchChrome to P30, an ASA 80 black and white film. Baldini states that P30 contains the same converting process as color reversal; with three sensitizers opposed to the 25 in color reversal. In essence, P30 is a first iteration of the color reversal, ScotchChrome.

As a result, the official release of P30 will go on to fund the completion of their campaign in bringing back a new color reversal film to the market and will make every effort in fulfilling their backers’ rewards.

Stay tuned to this thread as we will update this article with the release of the subsequent videos.

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*Images sourced from FILM Ferrania Kickstarter site.


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