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Kodak Professional EKTACHROME E100 in 120 and 4×5 Released

The wait is over! On December 10, 2019, Kodak Professional has announced the release of Kodak Professional EKTACHROME E100 in 120 and in 4×5 sheet film.

In their press release, Kodak Alaris states the new formats in a 120 propack (5 rolls) and 10-sheet boxes will be available for distributors to order on December 20, 2019.

 “Our new E100 film is a big hit with photographers of all ages” said Dennis Olbrich, President – Kodak Alaris Imaging Paper, Photo Chemicals and Film. “The market response has been tremendous. Adding 120 and sheet films takes us to the next level.” 

The ten month wait started when the official Kodak Professional Twitter account confirmed on Jan. 28th they were working on manufacturing EKTACHROME E100 in 120 and in sheet.

During the wait, Kodak Professional did release updates a long the way. On June 1, 2019, the official Kodak Professional Instagram account posted a teaser of the image in medium format.

While EKTACHROME will be available to order on December 20th for distributors, the film will need to be shipped and may not be reported to inventory until those shipments are delivered for consumer distribution. As distributors place their orders, it is expected pre-orders will be available to consumers, similarly to the release in 35mm.

Update 1: Samples images from Kodak Professional’s Instagram page are now appearing.

Update 2: Photo Klassik International released an image of the 120 Rolls without their wrapping.

Update 3: A full review of the film has released, including the names of all of the photographers who were selected in beta testing the film in October.

Update 4: Sites are showing pre-orders for both in 120 and in 4×5. Propacks (5-rolls) in 120 will be around the $49.99 price point, putting it approximately $10.00 per roll. A box of 4×5 (10-sheets) will be approximately $39.99 placing it at roughly $4.00 per sheet.

Pricing may vary depending on distribution and are subject to MSRP recommended pricing. These prices are grandfathered into the announcement that Kodak Professional film will not be affected by the global increase effective 1/1/2020.

Preorders are available at FPP and Analogue Wonderland.


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