Cross Process (Xpro) – A Film Community Collaboration

Cross Process (Xpro) – A Film Community Collaboration

Studio C-41 has interviewed many guests on the show, and the guest list continues to grow. Our awesome guests share amazing stories about why they shoot film, their inspiration to take pictures, and just straight-out geekery out over gear. Unfortunately, we can’t interview everybody. However, we still want to hear your story!

The goal of Cross Process (Xpro) is to give creatives in the film community the outlet to share their experiences with this amazing photographic medium through on the Studio C-41 website. We will still share film photography news and drop our own articles, but think of this as an opportunity to cross-process your film; a way to create using different chemistry. We will have a section on this site where users can upload articles and share images about anything film photography related. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest article submissions!

We’ve been hinting at this and the most common question we get is: “What are you looking for?” Well, that question can be answered simply, Your experience.

If you love gear and testing gear out, we want to hear about your experience using the gear. Did you go on a family outing with a film camera and want to share your experience with it, we want to hear it! What has made film photography popular again is because we’ve lost the experience in taking a picture. Sharing your experience will encourage others to go out and bring back the value of taking a photograph.

Keep an eye out, next week, we will be releasing our first articles. Sign up on our newsletter to get the latest updates. If you’re interested in submitting an article, you can send an email to We will have a form dedicated to submissions in the very near future!

Image Courtesy: Edward Conde

Bill Manning

Host and Executive Producer for Studio C-41

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