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AuthorBill Manning

Host and Executive Producer for Studio C-41

Episode 18 – We Get a Little Salty

Bill gets salty on Fstoppers video on Peter Lik’s “Moonlight Dreams”. MiNT introduces the first fully manual Instax Wide camera. Kodak returns TMAX P3200.


Episode 14 – Thank You.

Kevin and Bill sit down to make one last episode for 2017. We look back on our accomplishments, our difficulties, and our favorite episodes from 2017. We discuss our favorite film photography announcements in 2017 and hope to continue to see film photography grow even bigger in 2018. We also talk about what is in store for Studio C-41 and talk about our goals for 2018.

Episode 12 – Franklin Backdrops

Steven, Bill, and believe it or not, KEVIN, interview Jay Musselwhite, the owner of Franklin Backdrops. They discuss how he paints a canvas backdrop, learn about his creative process in making a backdrop. Oh yeah, he shoots film too! We talk about that too!