Atlanta Film Co Hand Rolled 250D


We’re excited to release the new Atlanta Film Co. 250D. This film is the result of a collaboration between Dunwoody Photo and Kodak Film Lab Atlanta. Traditional C-41 processed films have seen massive shortages we have found a way to safely process ECN-2 film through traditional motion picture linear processors. In collaboration with these two labs, this motion picture film has been cut down to fit traditional 36-exposure film cartridges.


  • 250 ISO (Daylight Balanced)
  • Motion Picture Film with the rem-jet
  • ECN-2 Process Only
  • Recommend Dunwoody Photo for return processing and Scanning: Order Form


Recommendations: If your camera does not have a 250 ISO setting, you may set your camera to ISO 200.


Please allow 24-48 hours for shipping to process.


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